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Schools of State Theatres- Founded in 1930 the Drama School of the National Theatre of Greece started its function at the same time that the Greek National Theatre began its activities. The program of the School, structured into three cycles, aims to provide its actors all qualifications for an excellent artistic and professional training.

Agorà. Theatrical spaces of ancient world
Italy. Iulm University of Milan. Academic Year 2007/2008
Review about theatrical culture and about classical performances on contemporary scene, made by students of IULM University.
In cooperation with Iulm University Foundation of Milan, Dionysoffers a space for deepenings about theatrical culture, about texts and critical contributions, performances on stage in the last years. IULM University students’ precious contributions will make our readers able to enrich their knowledges.

Theatre and culture in the Mediterranean
Contributions, projects and thesis
This section, realized in cooperation with Piccolo Teatro di Milano, IBM Italy Foundation and Iulm University Foundation of Milan, is called "Theatre and culture in the Mediterranean". i>Dionys, in fact, is a "network", a net between persons, ideas, values and cultures of this geographic area and, in synergy with Theatres, University and Research Centers operating in the Mediterranean. it would like to list the elaborates that mean to supply a critical panoramic of the world of the theatre.


 Cover story

At the Cantieri Teatrali Koreja the Balcani are narrated
Lecce February 15-16, 2008

It's going to be in the city of Lecce the next stop of FACTORY (For Adriatic Cultural Transanational Organizations Residential Yards), a project promoted by the Istituto Culture Mediterranee of the Provincia di Lecce and by Regione Puglia within the Programma di Prossimità Adriatica that promotes the artistic and cultural cooperation between corporations and institutions of those countries that look over this sea.
Friday February 15, 2008 in fact, from 4:30 pm, at the Cantieri Teatrali Koreja takes place the second edition of Raccontare i Balcani, a meeting with some of the most important voices of the social and cultural panorama of that area. Expected the presence of Jovan Divjak, ex colonel of the Bosnian army and author of Sarajevo mon amour and of Nichi Vendola president of the Regione Puglia, Raffaele Gorgoni Rai journalist, Elisabetta Mura spokesman for the Arts of the Regione Abruzzo, Franco Botta, teacher of economic politics at the university of Bari, Paola Ciccolella director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Zagreb, Jovan Cirilov artistic director of the Festival BITEF-Belgrade, Dominique Dolmieu director of the Maison d'Europe et d'Orient, Paris, Vesna Jankovic dramatist from Belgrade, Petar Pejakovic director and stage manager of the Festival FIAT in Podgorica, Dejan Projkovski director and stage manager of the Festival MOT-Skopje, Milena Stojicevic director of the Cultural Centre BELEF-Belgrade.

At 8:45 pm the evening will go on with the first national (rerun will be saturday February 16, 2008) of A Midsummer Night's Dream by W. Shakespeare directed by Tonio de Nitto, staged by the transadriatic company, result of workshops and artistic residences within FACTORY.

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